FBI hasn't seen House intel memo on alleged FISA abuses

FBI hasn't seen House intel memo on alleged FISA abuses

FBI agents have yet to see the memo House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Dunes, R-Calif., and his Republican colleagues on the panel wrote about alleged surveillance abuses committed by the intelligence community, according to a report.

To date, the request has been declined,” FBI spokesman Andrew Ames told the Daily Beast.

Nunes’ spokesperson Jack Langer told the Daily Beast it had "become America's foremost publication for regurgitating the Democrats' talking points" when reached for comment.

The four-page report, which was made available to the entire House on Thursday and has since been viewed by at least 180 members as of Sunday, is said to outline misuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by the Obama administration.

House Republicans are lobbying for the memo to be made public as a congressional source tells the Washington Examiner meetings are being held to map out the process for doing so.

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